no thx I prefer extra curriculars that don’t translate clearly into future employment options


Billets Doux,  Billets de banques euros découpés au laser - Amélie Weirich and Federico Fierro via Paris Artistes.

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y-3 ss04, l’institut du judo paris, october 9 2003, ph. villa eugénie.

10 years of y-3: the book.

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“The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.”
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"They say," "it’s not enough" ("though" "it always is") "This time they said it was" "too old" "I must have saved it too long" "Old money" "isn’t used" "anymore" "above the ground’" "Why do you want" "so much to get there?’ I asked" “‘Anyone does,’" "she said fiercely"

"I surprised myself" "by saying" "with conviction," “‘I don’t’"

— Alice Notley, “The Descent of Alette”

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Issey Miyake starring Alek Wek

Fashion/Cinema, Biennale di Firenze (1998)

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by Alva Galim