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princessedeslaumes asked:

say 5 nice things abt urself if u want n then send this 2 10 ppl u like if u wanna


  • strong sense of motivation that i’ve always been sure of, keeps me going (brings further question abt desire but ill leave it there llol)
  • if you are stuck in a rut or smthg i can be there for you
  • can recognize my fears/weaknesses pretty immediately, idk if i’d say i always act as quickly to counter them though
  • good at remembering nice little details about memories you’d like to keep in your back pocket, and saying them to you at random times
  • great with pets, esp furry ones

Oscar Tuazon, dépendance (2013).

Wassily Kandinsky, “Tanzkurven: Zu den Tänzen der Palucca,” Das Kunstblatt, Potsdam, vol. 10, no. 3 (1926)

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David Reekie, A Captive Audience?, 2000, wood, glass and steel, V&A Museum, London